Saturday, May 28, 2011

Winners & New Team Treasury Challenge 5/23 - 6/4

Hello all! Some congrats are in order.

Thanks to all who participated in the treasury challenge from 5/2 to 5/15 !! The winning treasury of the votes that came into 1st place is this treasury ~ curated by BlueLaReve

a little folk for the soul

You have won a $10 gift certificate to ChYMieRa ( I will be in touch) and a 10% off coupon to poppywomen. You will be featured on the team blog, and also, for the next Folk Reveries Team Challenge, curators must include at least one of your items per treasury!

The winning treasury of votes that came into 2nd place is this treasury~ created by hunterandmoon

the anatomy of sixteen

As the runner-up, you will be featured on the team blog & you will receive a $5 gift certificate to ChYMieRa. ( I will be in touch)

Congrats to both of you for having such a clever eye for treasury-making!

As mentioned previously, our treasury challenge will now run every fortnight. (Bi-weekly), so everyone has 2 weeks to make fabulous treasuries to promote our fabulous team. And then an additional week for voting.

All of the rules for making a treasury for this challenge can be found on our blog here.

Remember, you must use one item from BlueLaReve's shop in any treasury that you make, along with at least 7 other members of the team for this challenge. {Though, we love seeing treasuries comprised of all Folk Reveries members }
Here is BlueLaReve's shop:

Please post all your new treasuries in this thread and remember to use the tags "folkreveries" and/or "folkreverieschallenge" in your treasuries.

New treasuries may commence as of 5/23 and will end on 6/4. Voting will begin on 6/4 and end on 6/11 to give everyone ample time to vote. We will tally the votes again in 1st and 2nd choice format.

We would love to see everyone create just one treasury for each challenge, but , we also know that people are very busy in their daily lives. I would suggest that you at least take a gander at each treasury posted, it helps with clicks (and you know on Etsy it is all about clicks) and the more clicks & comments, the more likely a treasury is to hit the front page! And that is awesome exposure for any team!

Donations for this challenge would be helpful & might inspire more participation. Any donated prizes will be announced. If you would like to donate, you can either convo me or post in this thread.

As of now, we have the following donated prizes:
A $10 gift certificate to ChYMieRa
A $10 gift certificate to either Drucilla Pettibone or petit bones.

Good Luck to All! And Happy Treasury-making!
xo, ~ Chy

p.s. please post your treasuries in this thread on our team forum!

Monday, May 16, 2011

voting on the treasury challenge

♥Hi folks!♥

We had a team treasury challenge from 5/2 to 5/15 where members were asked to make treasuries comprised of at least 8 members of this team.
Starting today 5/16 we will be voting on these treasuries.

Everyone will have 2 votes. Submit your votes here in this format #1 (being your favorite) and #2 (your next favorite).

~The first place winner will receive the following prizes:
A $10 gift certificate to ChYMieRa
and 10% off coupon to poppywomen
and will be featured at least one time in each treasury in the next coming challenge.

♥The second place winner will receive a $5 gift certificate to ChYMieRa♥

♥Both the first and second place winners will be featured on the team blog!♥

Here is the list of treasuries that were submitted for the challenge.
Remember to vote in #1, #2 format.

Let the Voting Begin~


♥♥please post your votes on this forum thread  ♥♥

Friday, May 6, 2011

Treasury Challenge Inspiration

Here are some lovelies from the treasury challenge winner CorvidDelights to inspire your treasuries!! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Winners & New Team Treasury Challenge 5/2 thru 5/15

The winning treasury is Straw Boater on the Seine by CorvidDelights. I love the golden sunlit tones and delicate turqoises. It really feels like a lovely French summer afternoon spent by a river!!

The runner up is Mathyld of underthepyramids. I love the elegance of her treasury It's in the darkest corners..... and the subtle sense of darkness and mystery.

I am going to be doing features on the two winners in the blog over the next two weeks as treasury making and voting takes place.

Please, please, please support the team treasuries by clicking and commenting even if you don't have time to make one yourself. Chymiera has generously offered another $10 gift voucher to the next winner. If anyone can offer prizes for future challenges please contact Chy.

here is the link to the post on the team forum

♥ ♥ ♥ Sammi