Monday, December 26, 2011

Mary's Granddaughter Cindy

Well, it's been some time since I updated our team blog, but what can I say - it's a busy time of year to be a maker! But I'm making it all up to you with an interview with one of my favourite team members, Cindy Steiler of Mary's Granddaughter. I was a longtime fan of her work, and then she and I started chatting earlier this year about the direction of our team. I was struck by her dedication to our team and her ideas about it, and thought that asking her to share more widely would help us begin a dialogue about our team. So she kindly allowed me to interview her in this season of busy-ness.

Cindy is a longtime member of Folk Reveries, and a successful multi-media artist. Her work has been shown in galleries and in books and magazines (and was just featured today in Etsy Gifts newsletter!) The women she depicts move among media, from embroideries to dioramas to paper goods. She has much to teach us, Etsy-ers, so gather round!!

Mama and her Girls

Dru: How long have you been a working artist? (or, how did you begin?)

Cindy: I've been making art for my entire life though I have only been selling my own personal work for about three years. I studied art and theater in college and worked for years as a set designer/builder and scenic painter.

The Mender Diorama

Dru: I know that you collect antique photographs. How do your collections (this one and others) intersect with or inspire your art work?

Cindy: I do have a rather large collection of Victorian photos. I am not even sure how I started collecting them. I think I stumbled upon some tintypes at an estate sale years ago and was hooked. I find it a little sad that these photos are homeless and not being cherished. I also collect Victorian clothing, old hangers, buttons, doll parts, found feathers, and odd little things I find at flea markets, thrift stores and estate sales.

I draw inspiration from my collections. They feel like a connection to the past. Sometimes they make their way into my work like the little antique bisque doll arms from Germany or feathers I find. I've modeled some of my dolls from women in my photographs.

(Note: Cindy's vintage shop is Happy Steiler).

Victorian Photographic Garland

Dru: What are you currently focused on, and what are your near-term goals?

Cindy: My near-term goal is to survive the next five months. I have 5 shows between January and April so there is much to do. I feel fortunate to have been awarded a residency through the Brush Creek Arts Foundation in Wyoming. I'll be there for a few weeks next month and the uninterrupted studio time is a blessing.

The new pieces I'm working on are a departure from what I've been doing. I am excited to see where they go. I have also been working in clay which has been a lot of fun.

Dru: Tell us about your typical work day.

Cindy: I wish it was more disciplined and routine! It always starts with coffee and answering emails and ends with my pencil and sketchbook in bed. The in between time is always different. My resolution for the coming year is to foster a more disciplined and organized working environment. I just rented a studio space outside of my home with this goal in mind.

Little Bird in charcoal grey and sky blue

Dru: Your project, "I Learned From My Mother Who Learned From Her Mother", sounds amazing. what inspired it and what are your plans for the stories?

Cindy: My great-grandmother Mary Steiler taught me to crochet, knit, embroider and sew when I was a child. Through her patient lessons I found great joy and satisfaction in creating by hand. While we worked she would share stories from her life. Through these stories I developed an appreciation for the past, tradition and family.

Through my work I hope to capture the essence of my relationship with my grandmother while exploring and celebrating all women and girls; our relationships, our daily lives, and our traditions. I want to use my work to preserve and continue the traditions of both craft and story in a way that honors these lineages.

From this sprang a new project called 'I Learned from My Mother, Who Learned from Her Mother'. Through this project I plan to explore and document traditions and traditional craft passed from generation to generation within families through storytelling and art. This will be achieved through a mix of traditional needlecraft and sculpture and will also employ my background as a set designer to create small installations. The images of the pieces and stories will be assembled into limited edition hand bound books.

If you'd like to contribute here's a link:

You Reap What You Sew No. 2
Dru: What advice would you give to new artists who are selling on Etsy?

Cindy: Etsy is a great platform to sell our work. It comes with a fabulous customer base and it's nearly free to get started. Take the time to learn about tagging, titles and SEO. These are important to be found in searches and not always intuitive.

Stay true to yourself and take all advice you receive, including mine,with a grain of salt. It's easy to get wrapped up in Etsy's merchandising reports and the latest trends. You will hear you must tweet, Facebook, blog in order to be successful. You will have to call orange 'pumpkin' in autumn and 'tangerine' in spring. You will be told you have to make tons of treasuries and join numerous teams. I see many artists spending more time with the above that actually creating. To me that's sad. My advice is to keep Etsy in perspective. It is a selling venue not a lifestyle choice. Stay open and explore other opportunities to exhibit and sell your work as well.

Don't forget why you make art in the first place. Explore, grow and have fun! I ran into the pitfall where my work started to feel like production work. I was constantly and still am asked to remake pieces that have sold. While it's flattering and comfortable it is also boring. It was preventing me from working on new pieces and exploring new directions. I felt stagnant as an artist. Now I'm am working on a new body of work and it feels so good.

Sketchbook No. 2 - Victorian Woman

Dru: What attracted you to the Folk Reveries team, and what are your hopes for it?

Cindy: I was attracted to the Folk Reveries team for a few reasons. First of all so many of my favorite artists who sell on Etsy are members and also aesthetically it was a good fit. I also liked that it didn't seem all about promoting one's self.

I think when you do business in the virtual world connecting with others is important. I would love to see a shift to more meaningful discussions on process, inspiration, opportunities, etc. on the discussion boards. I think we have much to offer each other both creatively and professionally.

Connection No. 4 in yellow and aqua

Thanks so much, Cindy! This is just the kind of looking back and forward that we need to begin the new year.

Be sure to check out Cindy's shop and her blog, and consider participating in her projects (I am!)!

Happy holidays to all of our team members!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sweet Basil Fibre Works

Genevieve of Sweet Basil Fibre Works won the last treasury challenge by a landslide with her home sweet home treasury.

I have admired Genevieve's lovely hand-dyed yarns for quite some time, and wanted to get to know her, so I thought I'd use this as an occasion to see if she would be interviewed for our team blog. She agreed and here are my questions and her lovely words, photos and creations...

Celebrating Autumn

D: When did you begin working with fibre? and what led you to focus on dyeing?

G: I learned to knit when I was a child from my nana. Knitting led me to spinning and eventually to dyeing yarn. My first job as a teenager was dyeing t shirts for a silk screening company. I guess it's not too much of a stretch that 16 years later I am dyeing yarn. Being able to combine my love of colour & with beautiful fibre is my dream job.

Godric's Hollow

D: Tell us about the name of your shop.

G: I have a hard time choosing names. It took me 3.5 weeks to decide on a name for my daughter after she was born. For my shop name I choose the meaning of my daughter's name, sweet basil. I keep a notebook nearby to jot down names when inspiration stikes, that way I always have names for new colourways.


D: How would you describe a typical day?

G: I like to wake up early because I love the quiet stillness. I make hot tea & gather my thoughts for the day. On week days I get my daughter ready for school. Once she leaves I check emails & the shop then make another hot cup of tea. If I am dyeing or have orders to package I head out to the studio & get to work. If I am listing items then I stay on the computer. I walk into town in the afternoon to mail orders & run errands etc.

I am starting another job outside the home soon so things are going to get shaken up a bit.

Lemon Grass

D: What are your goals for the future?

G: I would like to be more self sufficient & to become financially independent through my business.

Maple Rose

D: Do you have any advice for new etsy-ers or team members?

G: I would say to always stay true to your beliefs & don't give up. And I know it's simple but manners & communication are everything.

I would love to curl up by the fire this winter with some of these gorgeous colours on my needles. Thanks so much for this glimpse into your life, Genevieve! Please visit her blog here and her shop here.

Also, the new treasury challenge begins tomorrow (Nov. 1) along with voting on the current treasuries which feature listings from Sweet Basil Fibre Works. Check the team forum and join in!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Team Treasury Challenges, and Open Membership! Happy Fall!

After a summer hiatus, we're baaack... first, our bi-weekly treasury challenges have started again! Our first challenge started yesterday, Sept. 16th and will run through Friday, Sept. 30th. Plenty of time to find your team members and make some beautiful, inspiring treasuries. ChYMieRa has all the details here on our team forum, and that's where you should link your entry. All the rules for participation are here.

October, by ChYMieRa.

Also, the team is back open for membership applications! Over the summer, it was by invitation only, but we are ready to expand our team, so if you'd like to join, please apply!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our ChYMieRa speaks!!

If you've been on our team forum (which you should be!) I'm sure you've met ChYMieRa, our team leader who has been creating our treasury challenges and generously donating some of her handmade jewelry pieces to the winners. I hope you've treated yourself to a visit to her shop! ChYMieRa is also the name of her own brand of handmade, one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry. Her pieces incorporate a wide range of techniques and materials, from vintage to found objects to gemstones and raw materials such as teeth and bone.

ChY has been such a team player, stepping in as a leader and working hard on team business, all the while managing her own very successful Etsy shop, a family with four boys (!), as well as another full-time job! She has that elusive mix of skills we all need - both a talented artist and tireless promoter. And ChY is *always* there to answer a question or lend a hand. I'm in awe of this lovely woman!!!

It's high time we got to know more about her and her secrets, don't you think??? Here we go...

Dru: tell us about yourself, the mysterious force of nature known as ChYMieRa!

ChY: ~ I have never considered myself to be mysterious. Weird is more like it, and passionate. Passionate about anything that I care about, but able to turn a blind eye on things that bother me, because really, life is just too short.

Whenever someone would look down upon or judge me, it makes me rise above & be better, better than me, better than them.

I am unselfish & very giving, and I love to prove a point.

My husband calls me righteous, he tells me I have a fire within me.

To me, its more like passion or compassion. I hate bullies and I stick up for the underdog- always.

And I'm not afraid to stand up for what is right, even if I stand alone.

I generally play well with others, and when I make a friend they will be a friend for life.

Dru: how did you get your start making jewelry?

ChY: ~ I started making jewelry a few years after I started making teeth [aside: this is ChY's day job!] -- making gold teeth or a gold ring is the exact same process. There were so many experiments, I was like a mad scientist! So, even though I had schooling for teeth making, I learned how to make jewelry & set stones all on my own.

I had been doing that for several years for family & friends. One day, my neighbor told me about Etsy, it was love at first click. I knew this could be a wonderful place for me to sell my "hobby".

My art inspirations:

~ In my younger years, I was drawn to horror, vampire and macabre flicks. They evoked in me & still do, some primal force.

It's that odd, dark energy that inspires me to create macabre & creepy items.

I am also a huge fan of nature. I could be driving down the road and see a gorgeous sunset behind a weeping willow tree and be inspired to make some jewelry representing that.

My life inspirations:

~ First and foremost, my children (4 boys) are my biggest inspirations.

I always wanted them to have the best, so that meant a lot of sacrificing & hard work for me. Whenever something gets me down, all I need to think about are my kids, and then it's all good.

They are my world.

I'm also inspired to be better when a curve ball gets thrown my way.

There is always a silver lining behind every black cloud!

Drops of Saturn and Honey

Dru: what's a typical day like for you? (and how does Etsy fit into your life?)

ChY: Anywhere between 8 and 11 a.m., I will get out of bed. My day will always start with a good cup of Joe. When I'm fully awake and dressed, I check my stocks. Then I check Etsy, then my email. I cut checking facebook out, too easy to get sucked in. If I made jewelry the night before, I try to take photos in the morning light.

If I have sold something on Etsy, I will print the order, package it, stick it in my handy dandy mailing bag ( One large sturdy brown paper bag with handles, courtesy of American Eagle) and put the bag at the 'bus stop' so I can grab it on the way out. The 'bus stop' is a bench I built several years ago. It's long, wide & opens for storage. This is where coats, purses, keys, backpacks, mail, you name it gets thrown on their way out or in. Then I head to work. That could be anywhere from a 2 to 10 hour day. During sports seasons, I have to leave work early. 4 boys? Yeah you know we play sports! Then night rolls around and I check emails, etsy, etc... , by 11 p.m. my husband is telling me to go get some rest. I end up getting to sleep around 2 or 3 a.m. because something inspired me to make a piece of jewelry.

Dru: do you have any goals in mind for your Etsy business, or the Folk Reveries team?

ChY: ~ I try not to set goals. I tend to roll with the punches and take whatever life hands out to me - good or bad. To be honest, I am quite surprised at how lucrative creativity can be. When I first opened my shop on Etsy, I would go "squeee!" if I had a sale a week. Those days are over. Without divulging any stats, let's just say, doing this well with my art, makes me keep wanting to do.

When and if I decide to retire from the teeth business, Etsy could definitely be an after retirement income. As far as the Folk Reveries team, like I said before, I am very giving and I enjoy being part of something. I think it is a fabulous team with many diverse talents. I would love someday to maybe see a Folk Reveries gathering. A collective, if you will where all the active team shops come together and offer a wide array of products. Not necessarily an actual brick & mortar, but somewhat a virtual one.

Bite the Bullet

Dru: Love that idea! What first attracted you to Folk Reveries?

ChY: ~ I had been invited to them team about a year ago, before the teams became self supportive & active. But during the transition from the Etsy admin control, I somehow got lost. It took me a few months to realize it , and when I did, I asked to come back aboard. What still attracts me to the team is the personalization between everyone. There is a good number of members, but as far as the continuously active member ie: those who post in the forums, promote or make treasuries, we began to recognize each other by name. Then from there we begin to know each others lives, what we did that day, what our kids did and so on. And I love that personal feel. I'm not a clingy person at all, it's just that when I really like or respect someone they truly will know it.

I Am Coming To You

Dru: what advice would you give to new artists and team members?

ChY: When I first started the ChYMieRa shop, it took a while for me to get some sales. It is very hard to sell handmade products when you are new and have little to no feedback, so I started with selling things that I knew would sell -- antiques.

It built up some good feedback for me. Once I started listing handmade jewelry, I still occasionally listed antiques to keep views coming to the shop.

I also promoted all my handmade things. Networked to friends, family and so on. I still have to promote, but on a different level. I now pay for advertising, because the shop revenue allows for it.

My best advice for any anyone wanting to be on a team is- as a team member, become involved. Lots of times I sell things to my team mates when I am having a sale, because they are really the first ones to know of it if you post it in the forums. Start a facebook page and list one or two items a day. Connect with other local artists or actual shops to see if they do consignment. But most of all, do not give up. Starting a business is so hard, and sometimes it seems like it will just never grow. Keep your chin up, promote & when and if you have a sale, send a card with a certain percent off for their next order. You will often have repeat customers when doing this.

Lucian's Castle

What a fierce and cheeky perspective she has, wouldn't you agree?! Please join me in thanking ChY for this interview, and everything she does for us!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

interview with cathy cullis!

I've long been a follower of artist and team member Cathy Cullis. Cathy is a prolific and established artist who moves (seemingly effortlessly) among a myriad of media, including painting, embroidery, pottery and even poetry, and maintains her own style unique throughout. Her work has a quietness, a playfulness, and yet also a haunting quality. The juxtaposition is profound, and also I find her blog quite addictive. She is also currently Etsy's featured seller. She has much to teach us, and she kindly agreed to an interview just for folk reveries.

Dru: how long have you been a (full-time, or mostly full-time?) artist?

Cathy: I have worked creatively for many years, but 'officially speaking' I became a self-employed art person in 2005. Prior to that I was a full-time mother to two small children and prior to that an editor of a literary magazine, and prior to that a student! Looking back it all merges, because as a young mum I was making things, I had little projects always starting and my creative life revolved around nap times.

Dru: you are so unique in how many media you work in! how do you choose and manage so many talents, and sets of tools and materials? what kinds of synergies does mixing media open up for you artistically?

Cathy: Possibly, there are many contemporary artists who like to try different tactile materials and ways of speaking. I find I need to shift, I like the rhythm of working from one thing to the next. The ideas continue to evolve but you are holding different materials in your hand.... one day a needle and thread, the next a paint brush maybe, but the voice is the same.... or the thumbprint is the same.... And the happy overlaps begin, I might pull something out from a time before and marry ideas or actually merge materials....

As for organising my work, I have really reduced the 'stuff' I have around me in recent times. I have become far interested in clutter than I used to be. So I have a bureau with drawers for materials and when I am not working on a particular media that all gets packed away into a box, put into the garage or elsewhere. I make plans and projects but I don't necessarily stick to them too rigidly.

Dru: in one interview, you mentioned creativity as a way of building up self-worth and finding one's voice. this is part of my journey and i was hoping you could you say more about this process?

Cathy: I know it has been said before by many artists, of all kinds, but creativity is never to be undervalued, especially when moving through difficult periods and changes in life.... I have told before of how I went through an emotionally challenging period, beginning six, seven years ago - and really, quite simply just 'making things' helped me keep my chin above water.

The process of creating, anything from the heart, can be part of a healing..... sharing work is another dimension to that and of course selling gives an exact opportunity to feel some personal success in all of it..... When I was really low and bleak-thinking, I had a few scraps of fabric and I started to make things, and encouraged by a few good friends, I continued to make things....

Of course finding a voice that is authentic - that may be a hit and miss, or twisted journey process.... start by making what you like and then discover what it is you are saying that is your own.... that is how it happened for me.... now I make things that are 'mine' without worrying about influences and strategies, but it has been a journey of finding out how to do just that....

Dru: what does a usual day look like for you? (also, do you have a typical schedule for your studio practice?)

Cathy: I have a busy family life, with school age children, but this is also a great advantage - as the school day gives me a structure to work around. And my working does not stop when the children are home. Infact I sometimes find my best ideas and work coming through when they are right by, and they are my best critics. I plan my week, but only tentatively, because I never know what will really happen in life or creatively.

I like to work early in the mornings and then I find my creative momentum tends to return just as I am cooking our evening meal! I don't like cooking, so the art wins....

Dru: many of our team members are young artists and new etsy-ers. what would your "letters to a young artist" say?

Cathy: Expect to work and work before you feel you are making something authentically your own - but don't see that as a mountain to climb, see it as a really exciting journey. Perhaps from the start of things you have always felt you are making 'your own mark', and that is good. Continue on and don't be surprised by change.

As for practical ways of marketing your work and so on - there are great resources on Etsy etc... of course.

There can be a 'mystique' around making art and making things that are a bit different. Enjoy this. Live an artistic life all the way through, from how you decorate your home to how you talk to others and just go for it - enjoy.

Don't you just love this advice? I for one am going to take this advice to heart! Thanks so much Cathy!

For a wonderful sampling of Cathy's work, check out the zine that she's created of prose-poetry and art. It's called Violet Goodenough... check it out!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

We have our Team treasury Challenge Winners

Here ye, Here ye! We have our team treasury challenge winners! For 1st place~ by folklure You have won a $10 credit to either one of Drucilla's shops here on etsy and you won the ' Folk Reverie' necklace from Chymiera, just come and pick it up and when it asks for form of payment, just click "other" I will mark as paid & ship to you!! Congrats!

And for 2nd place~ by poppywomen You have won the Peppermint pixie earrings form Chymiera, just come & pick it up, go thru checkout and when it asks for form of payment, just click "other" and I will mark as paid & ship to you. Congrats!

Drucilla & I have decided that due to everybody's busy summer, we will take a small vacation too from doing the treasury challenges. We hope to resume them sometime in August or September, and will post on the discussion board and on this blog.
Be well, Have a happy & safe summer! xo ~ Chy

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time to make some treasuries!!!
Some congrats are in order. Thanks to all who participated in the
treasury challenge from 5/23 to 6/4 !! The winning treasury of the votes that came into 1st place is this
treasury ~ curated by WaddleandMoo

You have won a $10 gift certificate to ChYMieRa and a $10 gift certificate to either one of Drucilla Pettibone's shops You will be featured on the team blog, and also, for the next Folk Reveries Team Challenge, curators must include at least one of your items per treasury!

The winning treasury of votes that came into 2nd place is this treasury ~ curated by mimiMatelot As the runner-up, you will be featured on the team blog & you will receive a $5 gift certificate to ChYMieRa Congrats to both of you for having such a clever eye for treasury-making!
As mentioned previously, our treasury challenge will now run every fortnight. (Bi-weekly), so everyone has 2 weeks to make fabulous treasuries to promote our fabulous team. And then an additional week for voting.
Remember, you must use one item from WaddleandMoo's shop in any treasury that you make, along with at least 7 other members of the team for this challenge. {Though, we do love seeing treasuries comprised of all Folk Reveries members } Here is WaddleandMoo's shop :
New treasuries may commence as of 6/13 and will end on 6/25. Voting will begin on 6/26 and end on 7/2 to give everyone ample time to vote. We will tally the votes again in 1st and 2nd choice format. Donations for this challenge would be helpful & might inspire more participation.
Any donated prizes will be announced.
Here is a peak at what we have so far for the next first & 2nd place winners.

Next Treasury Challenge first place winner will receive this necklace~

Next Treasury Challenge Second place winner will receive these earrings~

Friday, June 10, 2011

Spook Sister

One of the artists on our team who I find incredibly inspiring is Gillian, miss quite contrary on Etsy. Her shop features an eclectic mix of media, from her original photography to embroidery to vintage objects, but her work defies category. Her photos mix her own images with still life and antique book pages, peek at us from inside and outside windows, and hide in other objects such as brooches and pocket mirrors. All of these media mix, seemingly effortlessly, around themes of women, loss and fairy tales. Even when her photos aren't the subject of her listings, I want them anyway!

I was hoping to get some insight into her unique and compelling work by asking her just one open-ended interview question. Thankfully, she obliged:

When I was approached to write a reply to the one question interview inquiry 'What is your favourite photograph?', I must admit I was truly and completely stumped.

I'm drawn to the faded, crackled and misty mysterious atmosphere of the very earliest photography, but something about the subject matter is a just little too twee, overly pondered and academic for me.

'Ghost Convent' by miss quite contrary

I realized the artists who have the most influence on me and my art, who excite my too often complacent brain and who speak to my sad little heart are not photographers at all, but Margaret MacDonald and Frances McNair, 19th century artists and sisters known together as the 'Spook School' but connected with the 'Glasgow School' and the Arts and Crafts Movement, which promoted folk inspired arts and the handmade in reaction to the advent of Industrialisation.

'Castle Timber' by miss quite contrary

Margaret MacDonald and Frances McNair combined the influences of folk art, of nature and reaction to the Industrial Revolution - their work is like viewing forests through the London fog - a misty, half finished looking style that really is very similar in atmosphere to those earliest photographs, peeling and blurred.

'I Know There's No Such Thing as Ghosts' by miss quite contrary

Their colours were pale and drab and dark all at the same time, their lines bold and geometric yet soft and organic and meandering. Their work was calming to look at, but with an underlying mystery and sense of impending doom, something dangerous lurking at the edges of the forest.

Working in pencil, ink, watercolour and oil, on wood, plaster, glass, metal panels, hessian and plain old brown paper, they used beads, embroidery, inset shells and gold paint, their work is at once lowly and populist and otherworldly; and though they designed furniture, stained glass windows and even advertisments, they never strayed in the bourgeois, with even their most embellished works appearing not glamorous or moneyed but twinkling with ethereal riches that have nothing to do with our mortal world.

'Woodcutter's Daughter' by miss quite contrary

They are my inspiration for rejecting artistic conventions and being dark, rebellious, revolutionary, tragic Victorian women, for managing to eke out a living from art while never betraying their radical sensibilities, for rejecting expectations and the old fashioned confines mastering one media, but, instead, for wandering and dabbling (and, indeed, mastering) as they pleased, and, most of all, for making haunting, touching, emotional art unlike anything I've ever seen before, and guiding my fingers a little bit with everything I make.

My favourite photograph isn't even a photograph. My favourite photograph isn't even a single piece of art. My favourite photograph is the works, the minds, the hearts, of Margaret MacDonald and Frances McNair.

Thank you so much, Gillian, for this fabulous interview.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i dream of blue...

Amanda of Blue LaReve recently won our team treasury challenge with her entry "a little folk for the soul.". I just want to live in her world of fresh breezes and cool colours - perfect for this hot weather!

Her shop is a carefully curated blend of her own handmade creations with complementary vintage items. Check out these beauties...

Head on over to her shop, or visit her at her lovely blog, here! Congrats Amanda, from a fellow cancer girl!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Winners & New Team Treasury Challenge 5/23 - 6/4

Hello all! Some congrats are in order.

Thanks to all who participated in the treasury challenge from 5/2 to 5/15 !! The winning treasury of the votes that came into 1st place is this treasury ~ curated by BlueLaReve

a little folk for the soul

You have won a $10 gift certificate to ChYMieRa ( I will be in touch) and a 10% off coupon to poppywomen. You will be featured on the team blog, and also, for the next Folk Reveries Team Challenge, curators must include at least one of your items per treasury!

The winning treasury of votes that came into 2nd place is this treasury~ created by hunterandmoon

the anatomy of sixteen

As the runner-up, you will be featured on the team blog & you will receive a $5 gift certificate to ChYMieRa. ( I will be in touch)

Congrats to both of you for having such a clever eye for treasury-making!

As mentioned previously, our treasury challenge will now run every fortnight. (Bi-weekly), so everyone has 2 weeks to make fabulous treasuries to promote our fabulous team. And then an additional week for voting.

All of the rules for making a treasury for this challenge can be found on our blog here.

Remember, you must use one item from BlueLaReve's shop in any treasury that you make, along with at least 7 other members of the team for this challenge. {Though, we love seeing treasuries comprised of all Folk Reveries members }
Here is BlueLaReve's shop:

Please post all your new treasuries in this thread and remember to use the tags "folkreveries" and/or "folkreverieschallenge" in your treasuries.

New treasuries may commence as of 5/23 and will end on 6/4. Voting will begin on 6/4 and end on 6/11 to give everyone ample time to vote. We will tally the votes again in 1st and 2nd choice format.

We would love to see everyone create just one treasury for each challenge, but , we also know that people are very busy in their daily lives. I would suggest that you at least take a gander at each treasury posted, it helps with clicks (and you know on Etsy it is all about clicks) and the more clicks & comments, the more likely a treasury is to hit the front page! And that is awesome exposure for any team!

Donations for this challenge would be helpful & might inspire more participation. Any donated prizes will be announced. If you would like to donate, you can either convo me or post in this thread.

As of now, we have the following donated prizes:
A $10 gift certificate to ChYMieRa
A $10 gift certificate to either Drucilla Pettibone or petit bones.

Good Luck to All! And Happy Treasury-making!
xo, ~ Chy

p.s. please post your treasuries in this thread on our team forum!

Monday, May 16, 2011

voting on the treasury challenge

♥Hi folks!♥

We had a team treasury challenge from 5/2 to 5/15 where members were asked to make treasuries comprised of at least 8 members of this team.
Starting today 5/16 we will be voting on these treasuries.

Everyone will have 2 votes. Submit your votes here in this format #1 (being your favorite) and #2 (your next favorite).

~The first place winner will receive the following prizes:
A $10 gift certificate to ChYMieRa
and 10% off coupon to poppywomen
and will be featured at least one time in each treasury in the next coming challenge.

♥The second place winner will receive a $5 gift certificate to ChYMieRa♥

♥Both the first and second place winners will be featured on the team blog!♥

Here is the list of treasuries that were submitted for the challenge.
Remember to vote in #1, #2 format.

Let the Voting Begin~


♥♥please post your votes on this forum thread  ♥♥

Friday, May 6, 2011

Treasury Challenge Inspiration

Here are some lovelies from the treasury challenge winner CorvidDelights to inspire your treasuries!!